Norditropin SimpleXx (1x30IU)
  • Norditropin SimpleXx (1x30IU)

Norditropin SimpleXx (1x30IU)

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Product: Norditropin SimpleXx
Manufacturer: Novo Nordisk
Quantity: 10mg
Pack: 30IU

Steroid cycle: Growth hormone

Active substance: somatropin

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Norditropin 1×30 IU

Description and uses

Norditropin is the synthetic growth hormone that is similar to the naturally produced human growth hormone secreted by pituitary glands. The human growth hormone is a naturally occurring substance and secreted by the anterior pituitary. It is essential for growth and development.

The human growth hormone is secreted by anterior pituitary since birth and reaches its maximum level at the time of late adolescence. It activates the metabolic processes, cell production, growth of an individual within the body. Secreted by the anterior pituitary and starts working with other hormones and regulates the processes in the human body. The level of growth hormone declines at the age of 40 and is maximum at the time of puberty. The synthetic growth hormone is available in the form of Norditropin and available at any food or medical store.

Most of the synthetic growth hormones are manufactured by recombinant DNA technology. One the synthetic hormone is injected into the body it is impossible to distinguish between synthetic and natural hormone. Norditropin is similar to the natural growth hormone. This growth hormone bonds with growth hormone receptors present on the tissues of the targeted areas. After binding to its receptors the growth-hormone stimulates a variety of cellular mechanism growth hormones that have multiple physiological functions such as maintaining body fluids and electrolytes, increases skeleton and muscle mass and regulation of metabolism, etc. The level of growth hormone increases during stress conditions,exercise and sleep. This hormone is available only according to the prescription of the doctor. Synthetically derived growth hormones were initially introduced and approved by the FDA in 1985.

Norditropin is the recombinant hormone and is identical in composition and effects of human growth hormone released by the pituitary. It is consists of a polypeptide that is made up of 191 amino acids. The biological activity is about 3 IU per mg. it starts working when it is injected into the body it starts working and stimulates the muscle growth, strengthen skeleton, increases weight gain, stimulated transport of amino acids into the cell and accelerate the synthesis of intracellular protein and shows its anabolic effect. It also maintains the positive balance of minerals, nitrogen and controls the level of glucose.

Growth hormone therapy was approved for the treatment of natural growth hormone deficiency which is caused by tumors in the pituitary gland. It is also used for the treatment of wasting syndrome of AIDS. It is widely used by athletes and bodybuilders. It is used to stimulate the stunted growth in children. It also increases bone density, stimulating the production of IGF-1 growth factors. Norditropin also stimulates the erythropoiesis which increases the production of red blood cells, improves kidney function and causes mineralization of bone.

 Dosage and course

·        The recommended dosage for lean muscle mass is 6 IU to 8 IU per day

·        The recommended dose for children with stunted growth is 0.024 IU to 0.035 IU per kg of the bodyweight of children

·        The duration of the course is around 20 weeks because of its slow action.

·        People suffering from diabetes, kidney failure and heart disease should stay away from this.