Testosterony Propionat Farmak (50 mg/ml) 1 ml
  • Testosterony Propionat Farmak (50 mg/ml) 1 ml

Testosterony Propionat Farmak (50 mg/ml) 1 ml

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Product: Testosterony Propionat
Manufacturer: Farmak
Quantity: 50 mg/ml
Pack: 1 ml

Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Testosterone Propionate

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Test-prop (testosterone propionate) is probably the first produced steroid of its type and it set the line for the other such type of steroids to follow. It is different from other steroids because it has an equal and balanced ratio of muscle building that is anabolic characteristic as well as enhancement of male characteristic which is androgenic property, which means that Testosterone propionate is equally important for both aspects. Testosterone propionate is an androgenic and anabolic (in equal proportion of both) steroids. It is referred to as short esters that’s why at blood level it can be easily controlled. This also means that it is produced naturally in the body, has minimal side effects and can be tolerated by users.

Most of the steroids are bind to ester molecules with their sidechain if the more esters are attaches to steroid molecules the purity of steroid molecules will be less because esters have longer stay in the body and then wasted. Test-prop (testosterone propionate) is pure testosterone as compared to others and you will get more powerful effects because it has short or less ester molecules.

Dosage and cycles:

·        For keeping the stable hormone levels, should take 100 mg of Test-prop every three days or the second day for better results.

·        Test-prop injected intramuscularly.

·        This Test-prop can be taken for the formuscle mass development and increases endurance.

·        Test-prop stimulates protein synthesis and reduces the fat that is anabolic effect. It stored in the body for two to three days after the intake of it.

·        The Test-prop could be more effective if it is taken according to proper instructions and proper observation with a diet full of nutrition and exercise.

·        The duration of Test-prop administration is four to six weeks for athletes.

·        Beginners should take 50 mg twice a day and for the experienced ones it should be 100mg per day. In a very short time results will be seen.

·        Test-prop remains active in the body for 3 weeks

Uses and Benefits:

·        During the intake of Test-prop water retention is less as compared to some of  theother steroids which increases the muscle mass.

·        Due to its  life span, Test-prop reduces the side effects

·        Testolic-100 is best for the medication for the athletes for maintaining their muscle mass.

·        Test-prop increases the endurance and can be used in drying

·        Test-prop produces nitrogen retention which stimulates protein synthesis and promotes accumulation of protein in muscles which makes heavy muscle mass.

·        Test-prop also boosts the level of growth hormone IGF-1

·        Test-prop also promotes the production of satellite cells which speed up the recovery of muscles after hard exercise or any heavy physical activity.

·        Test-prop promotes the oxygen supply to RBCs

·        Due to fewer side effects, testolic-100 is very popular among the bodybuilders

·        Test-prop (testosterone propionate) protects muscles from the catabolic effect of glucocorticoid hormones which destroy muscle mass.

Common side effects are urinary tract infection, irregular periods and breast enlargement in females, nausea, liver problem, dizziness, prostate enlargement, high blood pressure, and low energy, etc.