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Titan Healthcare – Sus-250 – Sustanon Mix 250 mg / 10 ml

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Sus-250 - Sustanon Mix 250 mg / 10 ml Titan Healtcare

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Each ml of testosterone compound contains: Testosterone Propionate 30 mg, Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60 mg, Testosterone lsocaproate 60 mg, Testosterone Decanoate 100 mg.

Directions to be used Sus 250
Potency: 250mg/1ml
Carton Size: 10x1ml amps
Chemical name: Testosterone blend (propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate, decanoate) This drug may be a blend of 4 testosterone components that are found to react very positiv.

Also known as: Androderm, Testoderm, Oreton, Andropatch, Mertestate, Testosteron, Androlin, Sustanon, Testim

Molecular Formula: C19H28O2
Molecular Weight: 288.42442

Its production is stimulated by gonadotrophin from the endocrine. In turn, testosterone exerts feedback control of the pituitary LH and FSH secretion. looking on the tissues, testosterone may be further converted to DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE or ESTRADIOL.

Each ml of testosterone compound contains:
Testosterone Propionate 30 mg
Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60 mg
Testosterone lsocaproate 60 mg
Testosterone Decanoate 100 mg
Directions to be used Sus 250
Sus 250 a awfully similar testosterone mix to Sustanon, may be a very talked-about steroid which is very appreciated by users since it offers several advantages when put next with other testosterone products. Test compound could be a mixture of 4 different testosterone esters, which supported the well timed composition, have a synergetic effect. This special feature has positive characteristics for the athlete.The effect or the 4 esters is time released so Test compound goes rapidly into the system and remains effective within the body for several weeks. because of the propionate also included within the steroid, Test compound is effective after sooner or later and, supported the mixed in decanoates, remain active for 3-4 weeks.

Sus 250 features a distinct androgenic effect which is not to mention a robust anabolic effect. Therefore it's well matched to create up strength and mass. A rapid increase in body strength and a good increase in weight occur. Athletes who use Test compound report a solid muscle growth since it leads to less water retention and also aromatizes but either testosterone enanthate or Cypionate. Indeed many bodybuilders who use Testosterone and fight against distinct water retention and an elevated estrogen level prefer Test compound over other long- acting Depot Testosterones.

Although Sus 250 doesn't aromatize excessively when taken in a very reasonable dosage many of us, additionally, also take an antiestrogen like Nolvadex and / or Proviron to forestall possible estrogen-linked side effects.
Since it suppresses the tipogenous testosterone production the intake of HCG and Clomid must be considered after six weeks or at the end of treatment . it's recommended that girls not take Depot Testosterones since the androgen level would strongly increase and virilizalion syniploins could result.