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BlendoteX (nandrol dec.100mg/ml+ test enatnth 150mg/ml.) 250 mg/ml

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BlendoteX (nandrol dec.100mg/ml+ test enatnth 150mg/ml.) 250 mg/ml  

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What types of affects you'll get by using BlendoteX (nandrol dec.100mg/ml+ test enathate 150mg/ml.) 250 mg/ml?


There are numerous benefits of using BlendoteX (nandrol dec.100mg/ml+ test enanthate 150mg/ml.) 250 mg/ml which is out there in injection form with an enhanced quality by Anabolic Pharma.

The two basic substances utilized in this quality product are Nandrolone decanoate and testosterone enanthate that are used for several years by athletes for his or her anabolic properties. Many athletes stack these two compounds to boost the standard of muscular gains and to cut back training time.

However, there are other uses of nandrolone decanoate and testosterone enanthate that transcend competitive sports. they will be used as a technique of treatment for various medical conditions in both men and girls.

Some of the potential medical uses include treatment of carcinoma in postmenopausal women, treatment of severe burns, within the treatment of male fertility.

This combination is additionally used for the treatment of asthenia supported AIDS, delayed adolescence in men, renal disorder, for providing the protection of the system after the severe attack of cancer, for the treatment of osteoporosis, for the treatment of hemodialysis patients, cachexia.

Ingredients utilized in the product:

• Nandrolone decanoate
• Testosterone enanthate

Benefits of using the product:

• Bodybuilders and athletes both use the mix of Nandrolone decanoate and Testosterone Enanthate which is now available within the injection form with the name of BlendoteX (nandrol dec.100mg/ml+ test enanthate 150mg/ml.) 250 mg/ml.
• Nandrolone decanoate may be a popular sex hormone that's utilized by athletes to extend bulk and muscle mass, while testosterone enanthate is one in every of the foremost popular esters utilized in steroid cycles.
• This combination is additionally called "Deca and Tren" because they're commonly stacked together.
• The primary advantage of stacking these two steroids together is that they supply a novel effect of getting increased muscle mass, increased energy and endurance level which can also facilitate your to not get the fats.
• This is one in all the foremost popular steroids among athletes and bodybuilders. this can be a strong sex hormone that has gained popularity thanks to the very fact that it doesn't convert into estrogen.
• In athletes and bodybuilders, one amongst the foremost important functions of this drug is to hold out a correct regulation of water balance.
• People who combine nandrolone decanoate and testosterone enanthate will often do so at low doses with an extended cycle.
• This combo is attractive because it’s generally well-tolerated, inexpensive, and may help users keep a high amount of lean muscle tissue while on cycle.

Daily dose and directions to use:

• The average dose of BlendoteX (nandrol dec.100mg/ml+ test enanthate 150mg/ml) 250 mg/ml should be no quite 250mg in between 20 days.
• Professional bodybuilders can take 100mg to 500mg per 7 to 10 days for bulk but they'll need to consult their doctors first on whether or not they are ready to bear this high dose as per their current health condition or not.
• Both males and females can use this drug with the consent of their doctors and physicians.
• This product isn't suitable for underage people.
Possible side effects:
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Abnormal weight gain
• Increased heartbeat
• Headache