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This product has anabolic as well as catabolic properties. This product was introduced in the 1960s for medical use in the U.S. including its use in the medical field this product is also used for the better and increased performance of the athletes. This product is also involved in increasing the physical appearance of the bodybuilders. This product is derived from testosterone. The use of that product is involved to increase the lean muscle mass, increase the energy level of the user, increased energy strength and increases the appetite.  For a long time, this product was used in Australia just as veterinary medicine.

Used of that product

The use of that product must be according to the recommendation of the doctor. The user should not exceed the recommended amount. This product is used in the medical field and by the athletes and bodybuilders. Few of these users are mentioned below:

·        The use of that product by the bodybuilders is of great importance. Its use helps them to increase their endurance against a high level of exercise

·        Increased strength level

·        Increased lean muscles  mass

·        Use of that product also increases the appetite

·        Source of increased or boost up to the level of energy

For bodybuilders:

Ø  How the drug went from horses to human beings is not really known, but the fact is that boldenone does have potent anabolic activity as well as it is useful for building body mass.

Ø  Boldenone can also cause a significant water retention as well as at high doses of sodium.

Ø  Like all other anabolic steroids it can elevates nitrogen balance and synthesis of protein, that leads to increased oxygen carrying capacity.

Ø  Even though the drug is only meant for animal use, different bodybuilders routinely use it.

Ø  The Boldenone is often taken in conjunction with other anabolic steroid.

Ø  To avoid detection, many bodybuilders take the drug during off season, because of its long half-life.

Ø  The drug is continued for a few months as well as stopped in the beginning of sports season. Boldenone is also an important appetite stimulant.

Ø  Boldenone does not cause weight gain suddenly, infact it is much slower than many other anabolic steroids. The muscle mass is typically gained over 4 to 8 weeks.

Ø  Most of the bodybuilders notice that the weigh gain is more durable and longer after many cycles, with each cycle, lasting about 8 weeks.

Ø  The one very important thing about this Boldenone is that the weight gain is pure muscle mass and is not related to water.


As this product is used for medical and non-medical uses thus the amount of dosage intake varies according to the requirement. The administration route of that product is intravenous. One carton of that product contains almost 10 ampoules and each ampoule contains almost 1 ml. The doctor recommends the amount of drug according to the requirement of the user and the user should not exceed the limit in any case.