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Propitrex 150, Concentrex 10 ML [150mg/1ml]

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Active Substance
Testosterone Propionate
Active Life
2-3 days
Average Dose
100-300 mg/daily
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Propitrex 150, concentrex is used by the bodybuilders at a very high level. Effects related to propitrex 150, concentrex are visible on someday that is the main reason that makes that product very useful by the bodybuilders. Propitrex 150, concentrex use has all the related benefits like other testosterones have but with very minute side effects.

Chemical nature of propitrex 150, concentrex 10 ml (150mg/1ml)

Chemically Propitrex 150, concentrex is a esterifies at a 17-beta position of testosterone with that of propionate. Propitrex 150, concentrex 10 ml (150mg/1ml) is available in injection form and is a short-acting oil-based steroid present in the market. .Propitrex 150, concentrex 10 ml (150mg/1ml) helps in decreasing the endogenous estrogen level as its intake helps in inhibiting the secretion of gonadotrophin from the pituitary gland and inhibits the production of estrogen in the ovaries. This product also helps in maintaining the sex hormone level in males.

Activity of Propitrex 150, concentrex 10 ml (150mg/1ml)

After the administration of Propitrex 150, concentrex 10 ml (150mg/1ml) its activity based on two mechanisms:

Ø  Either its activity is based on the androgen receptor activation

Ø  Or by the activation of estrogen receptor by the conversion to estradiol

This drug after administration is transported into the cytoplasm where it acts like testosterone and binds with the androgen receptors or gets reduced 5 alpha dihydrotestosterone by an enzyme present here and it's binding with the androgen receptors gets stronger. As a net effect of that process the Propitrex 150, concentrex helps in shutting the genes off which are responsible for androgen production.

Benefits related to Propitrex 150, concentrex 10 ml (150mg/1ml)

This product is of great use if its intake is according to the recommended amount and time duration a few of its most important uses are mentioned below:

Ø  Propitrex 150, concentrex helps the user to get the increased muscle mass and strength

Ø  After the heavy exercise, the users get recover soon by using that product

Ø  Water retention is minimum as compared to other steroidal products

Ø  Use of Propitrex 150, concentrex is too good if it is used during the cutting cycle

Ø  As the use of Propitrex 150, concentrex increases the anabolic reaction in the body as a result appetite gets increased

Ø  Vascularity of the body gets increased

Ø  The users maintain their body shape with less effort and pain

Ø  Endurance ability of the users gets increased

Ø  Nitrogen concentration in the muscles gets increased so their recovery rate gets boost up

Ø  Use increase the recovery rate in case of muscle injury

Ø  Helps in reducing the body Fat

Ø  Increase strength and muscle mass

Ø  Improve the sex derive who use this.

Dosage of Propitrex 150, concentrex

Dosage recommended to different users varies according to their demand. The administration route of that product is intramuscular. Half like lasts between 24-36 hours.

This product is not recommended to the pregnant ladies and milk feeding females. High doses are lethal for health.