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Oxatrex, Concentrex 100 Tabs [10mg/1tab]

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Active Substance
Anavar [Oxandrolone]
Active Life
8-12 hours
Average Dose
15-60 mg/daily
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Oxatrex is one of antibacterial drug used to treat the bacterial infection in different parts of the body. Oxatrex is also used for the treatment of another disease as per doctor recommendation. Oxatrex belongs from the antibacterial class of the drug named as fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Oxatrex reduces the growth of bacteria or kills them. However, oxatrex is not being used for the treatment of influenza, fungal, viral or other than bacterial infections.

Indications related to oxatrex 350, concentrex 10 ml (350mg 1ml)

An indication can be described as the situation in which a particular drug is used.  Oxatrex is used to treat bacterial infections.

Benefits related to oxatrex 350, concentrex 10 ml (350mg 1ml)

Uses related to oxatrex are mentioned below:

·        Oxatrex 350, concentrex 10 ml (350mg 1ml) is only used to treat the strongly susceptible bacterial infections.

·        Oxatrex 350, concentrex 10 ml (350mg 1ml) product is used to treat the bacterial infection when susceptible and infection information is available.

·        For the ear pain droplets, forms are available.

·        For the other body parts, infection tabulated and suspension form is available.

·        This drug is useful against every bacterial infection just the dosage amount varies against the type and severity of the infection.

Oxatrex 350, concentrex 10 ml (350mg 1ml) is very useful for the bacterial infection treatment but the user must take the whole dosing treatment as recommended by the doctor.

How to use oxatrex 350, concentrex 10 ml (350mg 1ml)?

·        Use oxatrex according to the recommendation of the doctor

·        Solution form of Oxatrex is just for the ear someone should not use this product in eyes, ear or mouth.

·        Do not use cold drop in the ear it could cause dizziness, hold the dropper in the hands before using it.

·        Applicator surface should not touch any surface so that the contamination could be prevented.

·        If the use of Oxatrex is for the middle ear infection then the user should pull the ear upside down so the drug reaches the right side.

·        If during the user skip one dose they should go back to the dosing schedule and one should not use the double dosing.


Dosage related to oxatrex 350, concentrex 10 ml (350mg 1ml)

Normally the recommended dosage is between 300-600 mg per day and this dosage amount is divided into 2 or 3 doses. Normally before the recommendation of the dosage the severity of the disease is checked. The amount of dosage varies for every part infection. For ear, infection drops are found and for internal organs, infection tabulated form of drug id present.  For the urinary tract infection, 100mg to 200mg is recommended, for soft tissue infection 200mg is recommended.


The user must consult with the doctor before starting the dosage against bacterial infection. Droplets use for the treatment of the nose should not be used in the eyes that could have damaging effects. dosage must be stored below 25-degree centigrade temperature.