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MAGNUSTROPIN 50i.u -5 X 10 iu (3.33 mg)
  • MAGNUSTROPIN 50i.u -5 X 10 iu (3.33 mg)

MAGNUSTROPIN 50i.u -5 X 10 iu (3.33 mg)

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MAGNUSTROPIN 50i.u -5 X 10 iu (3.33 mg)

Introduction- Description and Uses

Magnustropin is a synthetic human growth hormone version with an active ingredient Somatotropin. It is well-known for its ability of protein synthesis and lipolysis to provide energy required for tissue growth. It is commonly used to treat children with growth hormone deficiency to deal with their growth failure.

Research evidence have proved that women taking HGH have got greater (30%) rate of fat burning than the usual women. Growth hormone basically stimulates hyperplasia and promotes the division of skeletal muscle cells thereby improving body building potential and endurance.

MAGNUSTROPIN- Mechanism of action

  • Its mode of action begins when the growth hormone enters into the blood stream and stimulates the production of IGF-1 (insulin growth factor) in liver.
  • It increases the processing and synthesis of proteins by binding to the receptors in skeletal muscle tissues
  • HGH itself binds to the somatotropin that ultimately leads to the increased levels of free fatty acids (FFA)
  • In this way, body consumes fats instead of carbohydrates as a means for energy

MAGNUSTROPIN- Dosage and duration of the course

The standard daily recommended dosage is 2-17 iu

Smart body builders usually use 8 iu. Whereas, some of the advanced fitness enthusiasts use higher dosage of up to 24 iu

The ideal duration of the course is almost 2 months. Taking lighter doses for a long period of time is effective for the muscle gains instead of using taking high dosage completed in short time.

Therefore, 4 iu/day for the duration of 50 days is better than 8 iu/day for 25 days.

Magnustropin is a growth hormone and it is advisable to administer it after workouts when blood glucose level is low or moderate.

Some of the athletes take the standard dosage twice a day. One dosage should be administered after workouts and the other before bed time

Intramuscular administration is ideal for body builders and athletes because the effects are manifested promptly because of its shorter half-life.

MAGNUSTROPIN- Instructions

  • The medication should not be used by patients of brain tumors and those who have been recently been diagnosed with cancer
  • Magnustropin should be avoided by diabetic patients and people with eye problems
  • It should be not be used by people having severe allergic reactions to somatotropin
  • Childhood cancer survivors should refrain from using this medication because it can cause regrowth of tumor cells

MAGNUSTROPIN- Drug combinations/interactions

  • To gain increased muscle mass, magnustropin can be stacked with Dianabolm Testosterone and Nandrolone.
  • To achieve high definition muscle quality, it can be combined with cycles of Masteron, Trenbolone, Anavar and winstrol.
  • If you have to inject insulin while using this synthetic growth hormone then magnustropin should be administered first and insulin can be injected after 30-40 minutes gap time.

MAGNUSTROPIN- Side effects

  • Overdosage can result in bloating and water retention
  • Other reported side effects are numbness of hands and feet, dry mouth, dry skin and mild nausea, headaches and dizziness
  • Overdosage can cause increase in unequal distribution of muscle growth in the body.
  • It can aggravate already existing tumor or cancer by promoting indefinite growth of tumor cells