RAD140 (TESTOLONE, RAD-140) - 10 MG, 100 TAB
  • RAD140 (TESTOLONE, RAD-140) - 10 MG, 100 TAB

RAD140 (TESTOLONE, RAD-140) - 10 MG, 100 TAB

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Product: RAD140 (TESTOLONE, RAD-140) - 10 MG, 100 TAB
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RAD140 (TESTOLONE, RAD-140)-10MG, 100TAB

RAD 140 also named testolone is one of the most powerful SARMs. SARM is abbreviated as a selective androgen receptor modulator and is the most considerable drug in comparison to steroidal products as androgenic effects related to that product re-zero. SARMs bind very selectively with the androgen receptors and stimulate its activity and it does not damage the activity of other body functions. So, the user will experience all benefits without facing any type of side effects. That is the main reason that this product is most popular and used more in comparison to steroidal products.

Benefits related to RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140)

RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140) is of great use in medicine as well as among the bodybuilders few of its most important uses are mentioned below:

·        RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140) use helps in improving the bone and muscles health of the users

·         Muscle recovery rate gets increased as after hard exercise the muscles gets damage and they cause fatigue which gets least while using RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140)

·        Increase the lean muscles mass growth

·        Use of RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140) helps the bone recovery as soon as possible and reduce the bone pain

·        Increase the overall athletic behavior

·        Helps in the increased rate of muscles development by increased protein production

·        Fat catabolism gets started

·        Also used in many medical treatments

RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140) acts by stimulation the specific receptors present in the body named androgen receptors. When androgen receptor gets stimulated then the net effect results same as that of steroidal hormones without any side effects. As a result, the body lean muscle growth gets increase and the stamina and endurance ability of the users gets high.

Dosage related to RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140)

The half-life of RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140) is between 15 to 16  hours. The cycle of RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140) intake lasts between 6 to 8 weeks. RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140) intake must be according to the recommendation of the professionals but normally man is recommended with 8-10 mg per day. It is thought that long time usage of  RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140) or any other artificial source must not be more than 3 or 4 weeks so that natural testosterone production could be achieved again. After 4 to 6 weeks the  RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140) use must be stopped for at least 2 months so that natural testosterone production could be achieved. That must be kept in mind that RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140) traces could be found in the urine after 1or 2 weeks of the last dosage intake.


High doses are not recommended. Before starting the use of RAD140 (Testolone, RAD-140) must consult with the doctor and told them about all the allergies and medical history that they have in the past. There is a possibility that this product may contain the allergen as an inactive ingredient which could cause complications after its intake. Ladies and especially feeding mothers are not recommended these doses as its use could have damaging effects on the fetus or the newborn baby.