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Epithalon is involved in the regulation of activity related to telomerase enzymes which are involved in the regulation of the cell cycle. The amino acid sequence in epithalon peptide is Alanine-glutamate-asparagine-glycine. Many studies have done on animals to check the effects related to epithalon about suppression the spontaneous carcinogenesis and memory tumor-like problems. Firstly this product was prepared in Russia in the 1980’s and its use affects in the anti-aging process.

Activity related to epithalon

Epitalon is the body that regulates the activity related to telomerase which is an RNA dependent polymerase that is involved in the addition of tandem repeats at the 3’ end of the DNA. Telomerase is composed of two subunits one of which is catalytic subunit which is involved in reverse transcriptase catalytic activity while the other supplies the template of telomere for elongation.

Uses related to epithalon

Many experiments are conducted on the animals and scientists reached the conclusion and benefits related to that product:

·        Epithalon has antioxidant effects and protects the user’s body from oxidative stress. A high level of oxidative stress is very dangerous for health and leads to organ damage if retains for a long time.

·        Epithalon is involved in the increased release of telomerase. Telomerase is an enzyme that is present in the body naturally and is involved in protecting the telomeres (ends of chromosomes) which ensures the quality of DNA.

·        Increased level of telomerase ensures the decreased chance of mutation

·        Epithalon interact act activates two genes that are involved in the telomerase increased production plus enhanced skin conditioning.

·        Epitalon is involved in the increased production of MMP2 a protein that is present in the base of skin. Thus epithalon protects and enhances the skin quality of the user.

·        Also seen its effects in the reduced rate of tumor increase

·        Also involved in the melatonin secretion which is an enzyme required for the better sleep and skin quality

·        Epithalon effects are also seen in the eyesight.

This product is of great importance for the enhanced quality of the DNA and skin.

Dosage related to epithalon

Dosage related to that product is not yet explained well as this product is just used for the research purpose only. If someone wants to use that product they must consult the doctor about all the information you needed to know. This product came in powder form with bacteriostatic water. For the preparation of the drug the user have to mix that powder with bacteriostatic water.


The user before starting the use of epithalon must consult with the doctor and told them about all the allergies and medical history that they have in the past. There is a possibility that this product may contain the allergen as an inactive ingredient which could cause complications after its intake.  Pregnant ladies and feeding mothers are not recommended these doses as its use could have damaging effects on the fetus or the newborn baby. This product is available just for research purpose.