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Kamagra for Women 5 jelly pack
  • Kamagra for Women 5 jelly pack

Kamagra for Women 5 jelly pack

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Product: Kamagra Oral Jelly
Manufacturer: Ajanta
Quantity: 100 mg / tablet
Package: 5 packs

Steroid cycle: Sexual Health
Active substance: Sildenafil citrate

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KAMAGRA is very effective and famous these days for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. These are very easy stuff to swallow, unlike other tablets which are very hard to swallow. They have a convenient way to consume just simply squeeze the sachet on the spoon and swallow it.


Take on the packet as required and It is quickly absorbed by the body and women report the faster response times of 20 minutes. It has an effective treatment time of 4-6 hours but sometimes it is reported longer.

After the consumption of this drug, drink a large amount of water. And avoid fatty meals when you are going to take the medicine. Drinking alcohol also reduces the effectiveness of the drug and lowers the treatment level.

Beneficial effects of KAMAGRA:

·        KAMAGRA is the fast-acting generic drug and is only available in the liquid form. This drug has the main benefit that it is very much convenient to take on daily purpose.

·        Another benefit associated with KAMAGRA is the fastest absorption rate as compared to the tablets, individuals are guaranteed to get results in 14 minutes. In contrast, conventional medicine gives results in an hour.

·        They belong to the family of dilators so dilate the blood vessels in the body especially around the genital areas and it strengthened the erection development of the bodybuilders and athletes.

·        KAMAGRA vanishes all the blockage in the men's penile area and stops the pain occurring from it and clears the path.

·        Taking one sachet before the sexual act will start working within 20 minutes and with the help of this jelly, sexual erections can be prolonged for a longer time. Now you can the sex period longer enough when you have a sachet of KAMAGRA jelly.

·        The imbalance of sexual health not only disturbs the person physically but also affects him mentally and outside eating is one of the major reasons to trigger all of this situation so KAMAGRA jelly is the only fast-acting treatment.

·        It gives the body the required strength and helps maintain the inner.

·        It assures the health status of the person to carry its other practices whether they are bodybuilding, athletics or other power-seeking challenges.

·        The person taking KAMAGRA daily is prevented from the painful tenures of fatigue and unreasoned tiredness in the body.

·        A person feels fresh to carry out any activity regarding bodybuilding and athletics and can perform hours of practice before competitions.

Common side effects of this drug:

·        It has common side effects which can be vanished easily and are not of a serious condition.

·        Facial redness or flushing has been seen in the common signs of drug abuse.

·        Headache and blocked nose are also included in its symptoms.

·        Mild to high nausea can occur if you sis not fulfill the dosage and take the wrong amount of this drug.

Patient taking the following medicines should avoid taking KAMAGRA:

·        Nitroprusside medicines

·        Nitroglycerin medicines

·        Amyl nitrate

·        Organ donor-recipient medicines

·        Azole antifungal medicines that are taken orally