Masteron 100 (MAX PRO), 1000mg / 10ml
  • Masteron 100 (MAX PRO), 1000mg / 10ml

Masteron 100 (MAX PRO), 1000mg / 10ml

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Product: Masteron 100
Manufacturer: Max Pro
Quantity: 100 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: cutting, bulking

Active substance: Drostanolone Propionate

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Masteron100 1000mg/10ml Drostanolone Propionate


Masteron 100 is the name of the product it contains active substance drostanolone propionate is an anabolic or androgenic steroid. Firstly it was introduced in the market in1970 under the product name Masteron 100.

Masteron 100 is available in the form of injection and injected intramuscularly in the body. Drostanolone contains drostanolone propionate as an active substance. It is used for bulking and cutting processes. Drostanolone propionate is a short ester, strongly effective anabolic steroid. Drostanolone propionate is a testosterone derivative which is a synthetic modification form of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Masteron 100 is used for the medical purposes of human medicine, it is used in the time of struggle against diseases related to oncology such as mammary gland cancer in females. Masteron 100 is used by bodybuilders and sportsmen to improve their performance. It is a very strong dope for athletes who wants to develop muscle. Masteron 100 is good at the time of drying or increases the dry muscle mass and gives a harder look to the bodybuilders and athletes.

Dosage and course of Drostanolone

The recommended average dose of drostanolone is about 300 mg to 500 mg per week.

The dose of 100 mg can be taken or applied at multiple intervals on every other day. This is because a short duration of Masteron 100 after injecting in the body remains in the body for 2 to 3 days.

The course of Masteron 100 can effectively lasts up to 6 weeks to 8 weeks or even 10 weeks to 12 weeks. The duration, of course, should be extended when is it is needed and the user can tolerate this extended dose of Masteron 100.

Higher doses, extended duration of use, and more frequently uses are induced the higher risks of side effects. Most of the side effects are estrogen associated side effects.

Masteron 100 can be alone or sometimes it can be used with other drugs for getting strong and synergistic effects.

The dose depends on the task experience of athletes and causes ligation with testosterone in short esters such as stanozolol, oxandrolone and propionate.



Uses of Drostanolone :

·        Masteron 100 preserves the muscle mass it accumulates more protein in muscle and increases the muscle mass.

·        Masteron 100 increases relief in muscle after exercise

·        Masteron 100 also increases the muscular density and gives a harder and refined look to the athletes and bodybuilding.

·        Masteron 100 increases the dry muscle mass and act as an excellent drug used before the competition and performance.

·        It improves the strength of body

·        It also has some diuretic effect.

·        Masteron 100 jas strong fat-burning properties

·        Masteron 100 stimulates the suppression of most catabolic process

·        Increase protein synthesis

·        Maintain a positive nitrogen balance.

·        Drostanolone propionate is used for the treatment of breast cancers in females.

·        Masteron 100 is also used for the treatment of prostate cancer in males

·        It involves hormone replacement therapy when there is a low level of endogenous testosterone.

Drostanolone propionate causes less virilization in women as compared to testosterone propionate. If the dosage is high more than 300 mg some side effects will be noticed and observed. These side effects include oily skin, acne, hirsutism clitoral enlargement in females because the high doses of Masteron 100 up to 300 mg used for the treatment of breast cancer.